I haven’t written a personal post in awhile…
Well life is good! Or at least these past couple of days(:
Yesterday I said goodbye to my Chinese homestay student, who stayed for four nights, early in the morning and then attended a really good day at school. When I got home we had an early dinner and then everybody left me…home alone. Which meant I could do whatever so I experimented with my baking and baked these cinnamon-ish muffin tops. They looked like shrooms! I had told someone I’d make snickerdoodles so I just threw some ingredients together and powdered it with cinnamon. Like I said, I was experimenting so I think I added too much baking powder and therefore they puffed way too much. xP Also, I substituted strawberry yogurt for oil…Ahahah, they came out a bit too moist. Anyways after I did my math hw and watched an episode of SMASH then went to sleep…AT TEN!!! :O
Then today…was a most interesting day. I found out in second period that my APBio teacher won’t be returning to teach for the rest of the year. She wasn’t the best teacher but I really enjoyed her as a person…I still can’t believe she has to leave us though but her priority is probably with her mother anyways. So I had my friends try my “shroomies” and surprisingly they said they tasted okay, in fact most of them really, really liked them. Truthfully, I thought they were really weird and nothing special. Whatever though, at least now I know what to make for their birthdays! Just kidding… Well now I’m just going to go to sleep since I really have nothing to do and am not going to waste my time studying for my APE Exam. Okay maybe I won’t be wasting my time but I just don’t see much of a point. Teehees!! Nightynight!!!

[Btw, “All-Consuming” (if you read my last really long personal post) will be determined in 6 *SIX* days!! Kinda nervous…]